Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Habs

Watching the Montreal Canadiens game, at the moment. And so far so good. I hope to see them pull out of this slump they are in.

Update: They win 5-1 one over the Flyers! Yes. I am one happy camper :) Price got his 100th win tonight.  

I still say their coaching staff needs to be changed. I would love to see Kirk Muller there but he is coaching elsewhere. Firing the assistant is not going to help, he was a scapegoat in my eyes.

Well hopefully this week will be better for them. They face Boston Ruins twice and I'm sure the classy fans in Boston will boo MaxPac when he skates onto the ice. I hope it fuels his fire! :)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

First post

This is the first post of my public blog and unfortunately it comes with the sad news that Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple has passed away at 56. I have to admit I was never one to follow the Apple and Mac because I was determined to be a Microsoft drone. 
But over the past decade or so Apple has really been paving the way with technology and has grabbed the world's attention. Steve was a visionary and will always be remembered as such. 
I purchased my iPhone roughly a month ago, I love it and it barely leaves my hand.

Thank you Steve and may your legend live on.